Combining the power of
nature and the virtues
of science since 2008.


We are passionately inspired by the power of nature and fascinated by enormous pos-sibilities it offers to upgrade human health and wellbeing. We are fully committed to research, innovation and development of effective natural products to improve the lives of people 365 days of the year and around the globe.

365 nature brand includes natural cosmetics with premium full-spectrum CBD extract, superb organic herbal tinctures, full-spectrum CBD oils for humans and pets and state-of-the-art dietary supplements based on natural ingredients as well as different functional foods and drinks.

Research and development of Cannabis sativa

365 nature’s team of researchers, professional herbalists and scientists are fully committed to development and research of exciting Cannabis sativa healing potentials.

New beauty strategy with CBD

The first project in which 365 nature’s team of holistic aromatherapists, herbalists and pharmaceutical experts harnessed amazing Cannabis sativa potential is ‘CBD Beauty Arsenal’ skincare products. They combined full-spectrum CBD extract, precious botani-cal cold pressed oils and therapeutic grade essential oils to create potent beauty and anti-aging products.

The research and development of new and innovative beauty products, supplements and functional foods, continues...